Sunscreen Becomes The Target Of Controversy On Tiktok

Natural MumNov 13, '23

TikTok Controversy Sunscreen | Natural Mum

Does sunscreen cause cancer, as the videos on TikTok claim?

It all started when internet users discovered research published by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) in 2019.

In it, scientists evaluated the blood plasma of 24 people who constantly used four types of sunscreens (the best-selling in the country).

That is, for four days, participants applied the products to 75% of the surface of their bodies.

In the initial testing period, the presence of four organic substances was observed in the volunteers blood at levels higher than what is allowed by the FDA:  avobenzone, oxybenzone, ecamsule and octocrylene.

These are ingredients widely used in the composition of filters.

What does it mean?

The FDA itself states that there has been no conclusive evidence as to whether this poses any danger to human health (nor what the possible effects of these substances on the body would be).

Furthermore, the organisation explains that the fact that the body has absorbed the compounds does not necessarily mean risks.

Even so, the scientific article was the subject of many videos contraindicating the use of sunscreen.

Some publications also stated that the product can cause hormonal changes and undesirable consequences (such as cancer) but no evidence or proof was found on this matter.

Importance of sunscreen

According to the Ministry of Health (MS), skin cancer is the most common cancer in Brazil and the world.

It is more common in people over 40 years of age and its main cause is excessive exposure to the sun.

Therefore, using sunscreen is a simple measure that contributes greatly to preventing the problem.

Remembering that all products sold within the country undergo studies, tests and approval, on the label, you can find the registered process number.

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