Looking back, I don’t think I ever imagined I would be part of a blended family of 7 but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Personally, I’ve given birth twice naturally (fun!) including one at home (extra fun!), meanwhile hubby was busy before I came into the picture too. And no we’re not having any more!

My own parents were what you might have called hippies. Passionate about holistic education and health….. way back before it was cool. They chose the Steiner School systems for our education, which meant my brother and I benefited from a more flexible and agile style of learning and development. We loved it.

Seeing us thrive, their devotion to understanding Steiner philosophies and way of life only grew! Before too long, dad was teaching in the Steiner School & mum running a Steiner home for the disabled.

At home, we were also what you would call ‘alternative’. Mum later became an anthroposophical nurse and you can only imagine the number of ‘experiments’ she administered. One of her greatest innovations ever was the Chamomile Compress, which I’m so excited to be adding to Natural Mum in the future.

We grew up with home-brewed Kombucha long before it was trendy and definitely don’t remember it tasting as good as it does now. Not sure mum quite perfected the recipe!

With our school days behind us, dad was ready for a change and decided to take on the challenge of becoming the Australian distributor for a premium natural and organic brand, Dr. Hauschka Skin Care.

As the business grew quickly, dad invited me to join, before long I was promoted to Brand Manager. I was soooooo proud to represent this brand that fully aligned with my beliefs (thanks mum and dad): high-quality, natural and organic, strong principles and a leader in the natural skin care market.

My first marriage ended when my two were small. Five years on, I met the love of my life Johnny. What a #plot twist, I knew life was never going to be boring after that….. Especially considering we would have FOUR teenagers to parent at some stage (now!).

It wasn’t an easy decision but soon after we met, I stepped away from my family business to focus on my blended family and Johnny’s business endeavours. Together we opened new businesses, closed some and continued to grow each year.

We’re a great team, in business and in life! Which is why Johnny was so supportive when after turning 40, I shared my desire to do my thing business wise. That I longed to focus my skills and experience into something that I felt truly passionate about. Life begins at 40 after all!

It wasn’t just the special birthday though, I want to set an example for my kids. For them to see me doing something I love, and be proud of me both as a mother and independent woman.

With the seed sown & Johnny’s support, I began to imagine what would both truly bring me joy & leverage my many years in business. Words like natural, organic, mum, community and family danced in my mind…..

Then in July this year, things got real, as I began working towards launching my own online store, filled with natural and organic products for mums, their families and the home. Many of which I’ve used myself over the last 20 years.

Introducing - Natural Mum.

My vision is to help mums to nourish and take care of themselves, their family and home with beautiful natural and organic products and rituals. So that they can honour themselves as the incredible mum and inspirational woman they are. Shining love and support to all those around them.

Welcome to Natural Mum where you're invited to take care of yourself and your family with products that nurture your soul and the earth. And thanks for supporting our family business. 

Much love xo
Elisia Florio

It's not so easy to get us all together. When we made things official in February 2020 we were lucky enough to be all together to enjoy the day.