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Have you experienced blurred/double vision, tired/red eyes, headaches, light sensitivity or poor sleep?

Are you worried about your eyesight deteriorating?

If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, you could suffer from
Digital Eyestrain.


Yes, eye exercises can help to improve your eyesight and eye health in a number of ways:

1. Reduce eye strain symptoms, such as blurred/double vision, tired/red eyes, headaches, light sensitivity and poor sleep.

2. Improve your eye’s ability to focus.

3. Improve your overall eye health.

4. Improve your eye’s flexibility.

Additionally, eye exercises can help to improve your eye’s ability to track moving objects and improve your eye’s ability to produce tears, which can help to prevent dry eye syndrome.


There are a range of eye exercises that you can do, depending on your needs. In the majority of eye exercise programs, you need to engage in them for a duration of 15-20 minutes per session

One eye exercises program is called the 20-20-20 rule. This involves taking a break every 20 minutes and looking at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This can help to reduce eye strain and improve your eye’s ability to focus. 

You might be thinking, how can you integrate eye exercises into your daily schedule?

Fitting a 20-minute eye exercise routine into your daily schedule can be challenging, given the fast-paced and demanding nature of modern life.

The exciting news is that there's a NEW approach to eye exercises that offers the relief you seek!   

Imagine dedicating just 5 MINUTES a day to eye exercises to alleviate discomfort and rejuvenate your eyes!

We understand that the traditional way of exercising your eyes is complex and time consuming, which is why the world's first eye exercies device the Eye Yoga Headset was created.

In just 5 minutes, the Eye Yoga Headset provides an efficient and convenient solution to relieve eye strain and is the best way to incorparate eye exercises into your daily life.

The Eye Yoga Headset brings together the best eye exercises that vision therapists teach to their clients, incorporating them into one easy-to-use headset. These eye exercises are specifically designed and PROVEN to reduce eyestrain quickly and safely.

See the comparison below: The old way or the new way, which would you choose?

Transform Your Vision and Boost Eye Vitality
With The Eye Excercise Device Eye Yoga Headset 

Elevate your eye experience now by embracing the revolutionary Eye Yoga Headset.

Say farewell to the discomfort of Digital Eye Strain symptoms.

Feel instant relief after 5 minutes.

Take advantage of this special price offer - order your Eye Yoga Headset now and enter a world where eye discomfort is a thing of the past.




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Developed in Australia

Endorsed by professors, doctors, and optometrists worldwide. The Eye Yoga Headset is a 5-minute eye exercise device that leads you through a series of eye exercises taught by highly trained vision therapists and has incorporated them into one easy-to-use headset. So, all you need to do is turn it on, put it on and relax!

The Eye Yoga Headset

Features six simple, easy and natural exercises that prompt you to focus your eyes on specific areas within and includes our unique patented design that uses smart glass to turn from opaque to fully transparent to accommodate the near and far-sighted exercise.

5 minutes a Day

Using the Eye Yoga Headset for 5 minutes a day can provide immediate relief and is safe to use up to 5 times a day depending on the level of eyestrain you have and how quickly you want the symptoms gone. Your eyes will appear fresher, younger, and more awake.

The Eye Yoga Headset immediately provides an “active recovery” response, targeting the direct source of the discomfort – the intra & outer MUSCLES. This offers instant relief by encouraging them to stretch and relax, out of the contracted hold, hence increasing blood flow & nutrients to these areas, improving the users physical and mental focus, with the eye area feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

 Other products such as Blue Light Glasses are great for temporary relief by blocking out the blue-light only, however the main source of eye strain does not come from the blue light spectrum. If you are serious about looking after your overall health and longevity of your eyes, then a solution that gets to the ‘root cause’ of over-strained eyes, as well as aging eyes, should be your number one choice for you and your family. 



"Practiced faithfully, eye exercises may actually help delay the need for glasses or contacts in some people."

"Relieving eye fatigue is a simple as taking regular breaks for your eyes each day and ensuring they get the exercises they need."

"Eye exercises can help improve your eye health, they can also help your eyes work better together.

These exercises can help to improve the flexibility in your eyes, and may be especially usefull for those people who spend a lot of time in front of computer screens at work."

"Eye Yoga Headset is a valuable approach to help facil tissue around the eye muscles to relax, this is expected to enhance blood flow and nerve cell activation oin the eyes and optic nerve, improving visual funcions and reduce eye pain and fatigue."

Professor Dr. Bernhard A Sabel 

PhD & Director of the university Mageburg Medical School germany & Founder/ Director of vision research at the magdeburg university)

"Influenced optometrists all around the world, as they use his creation of the 20/20/20 method to help minimize digital eyestrain.

Dr Jeffrey recognizes that screen usage has dramatically increased from his creation nearly 30 years ago, so they Eye Yoga Headset offers an updated solution to the current epidemic of screen time as the 20/20/20 method is not enough today and 80% computer users are impacted...

Dr Jeffrey Anshel
Doctor of Optometry (Leader in Digital Eye Strain)

"Digital eyestrain is the physycal eye discomfort felt by many individuals after 2 or more hours in front of a screen."

"The average in Australia is now 10 hours per day"
(Ernest & Young Study)




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Eye Yoga Sale.png__PID:e8124b66-0043-4629-83f2-1e82f1936ee2
  • The Eye Yoga Headset has 6 Key Vision Therapy;
  • Exercises with electronic smart glass built in to reduce eye strain.It only takes 5 minutes to use and had an in-built in digital countdown timer;
  • Simply push the button & it’s like a 5 min meditation;
  • The Eye Yoga Headset is like going to the gym but for your eyes;
  • Please note: This is not a VR Goggle, there are no digital screens in this headset;

Additional Information:

  • World First (Patented) Eye Yoga Headset;
  • 100% Natural (Free from harmful digital screens)Very affordable;
  • Easy to use compact device, anywhere and anytime;
  • Rechargeable Battery (via included USB cable);
  • Electronic smart glass technology;
  • LED count down timer/battery charge monitor;
  • One size fits all (3 way adjustable head strap)Ultra thick facial sponge (Velcro for easy cleaning);
  • Auto switch off;
  • Great for the entire family from 7 years +;
  • High quality German designWeight - 0.4kg;
  • Dimensions - 20cm x 10cm x 10cm;

Disclaimer * Eye Yoga is an exercise device and not intended to treat existing medical conditions. Always seek advice from your optometrist for recommendation. Individual results may vary.


5 Minutes & You’re Done

Eyes Feel Fresh & Energised


Endorsed by, Optometrists, Dr’s & Professors

Customer Support

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions anytime

Not a VR Goggle

100% Natural No Harmful Digital Screens