Dr. Hauschka Night Serum 20ml - Intensive Overnight Face Serum


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Revitalising night care that supports your skin’s essential night time processes. This hydrating formulation featuring organic rose apple fruit hydrosol and apple blossom extract tones and refreshes, benefiting all skin conditions.

Dr. Hauschka oil-free night care allows your skin to function optimally and stimulates its natural renewal processes. Night Serum is an essential night-time skin care product that revitalises and helps the skin rediscover its natural balance. Wake up to refreshed and revitalised skin!

Formulation: Organic apple fruit hydrosol and apple blossom extract support your skin’s natural night time rhythms while guiding it through its essential night-time work of regeneration and elimination. Supported by witch hazel extracts, Night Serum tones all skin conditions.

Skin condition: For all skin conditions.