5 Reasons Why Your Mental Health Will Benefit From a Skincare Routine

Natural MumMay 4, '23

An overnight mask, a daily cleanser, or even a small amount of tinted moisturiser can significantly improve your emotional well-being while improving the appearance of your skin.

Even though it might appear like a throwaway wellness practise, skin care is anything but. According to the National Library of Medicine, committing to and adhering to such a routine can improve the health of your body's largest organ, your skin, as well as provide the structure and pampering that enhances your psychological well-being.

The truth is that our skin functions as a 'check engine light' for our inside health in a variety of ways. Skin that feels and looks beautiful tends to make us feel better about ourselves.

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Five powerful reasons why a skincare routine can help with mental health

1. Having a skin care routine can help with your mental health by bringing stability to your day
It's crucial for both your body and mind to have a scheduled day with regular practise of healthy routines. Researchers discovered that people who have fewer consistent routines throughout the active parts of their day are more likely to experience mood issues, loneliness, and unhappiness as well as major depressive and bipolar disorders. Those routines include healthy eating habits, exercise, journaling, and skin care.

These behaviours make you feel good and work as a stabilising influence in your life. They give your days a sense of direction and stability. You might even believe you've made progress on a tiny basis. "I believe it's crucial to maintain some routines throughout the week, otherwise one day starts to become like another."

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2. To avoid spiralling into worry, concentrate on treating yourself well.
You could discover that particular times of the day are more conducive to intrusive thoughts, but by taking care of yourself, you can change unhealthy routines. "Patients with anxiety and sadness frequently report that their symptoms worsen 30 minutes to 1 hour before bed. They are more inactive during this period, which causes many people to worry more. However, when you're doing something, like cleansing, toning, and moisturising your face, you lose yourself in the activity and forget about everything else. (This applies to any task that keeps you occupied, such as starting a new project, preparing dinner, or taking your dog for a walk around the neighbourhood).

Additionally, taking care of your skin offers a chance to practise mindfulness. When you focus on your current feelings (like the comforting sense of warm water, for example) without making judgements, you are being mindful. A 2019 Frontiers in Psychology study found that this practise can reduce depression and anxiety by putting an end to concern and ruminating. You can aid your brain in breaking free from unhealthy, spiralling thought patterns by doing this activity for a short period of time.

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3. Consistently pampering your skin releases a wave of mood-enhancing chemicals into your brain
Establish a regimen that feels good to you and contains products that you like to use. For instance, don't undervalue the effects of cleansing with a warm washcloth and a gentle massage before spending extra time applying a mask or a silky moisturiser to your face.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people began experimenting with at-home facial treatments like masks and were introduced to other forms of at-home self-care.

Although receiving a facial or other treatment at home can be soothing, simply planning for it can also be beneficial. The anticipation of pleasant occurrences causes the brain to release feel-good neurotransmitters. According to studies, anticipating a good outcome causes the prefrontal cortex, a part of the brain linked to happiness, to become active, giving rise to a simple, organic high.

4. Taking care of your skin gives you a chance to connect with loved ones, which is good for your mental health
An association between spending quality time with loved ones while engaging in hobbies and fun activities and experiencing higher levels of happiness was discovered by researchers. Why not indulge in a "spa night" at home with your skin? Spending quality time with your family can improve relationships and increase personal pleasure.

Sharing this habit with your teenage children has recently become a crucial part of this process. The ultimate goal of self-care, a balance of physical and emotional well-being, is achieved so much more effectively.

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5. Taking care of one's skin is a kind deed that conveys a strong message
The world is a tough place right now and most of us are feeling exhausted. It may seem appealing to watch TV until the wee hours of the morning before rolling over and brushing your teeth. But what if you concentrated instead on looking after yourself in this little way. You're saying to yourself, "I'm worth it," by spending an five extra minutes on your skin. This is similar to the benefit you would experience after applying mascara in the morning, colouring your cheeks to make them stand out, or using a tinted moisturiser to your face to make it glow.

Finding a moisturiser you truly adore is one of the more effective things you can do. (Some things to think about: How does it feel on your skin? Does it have a nice scent? Afterwards, does your skin feel good? "Moisturising helps the skin look and feel better overall, while also restoring and maintaining the skin's ability to act as a barrier against the environment. Additionally, it enhances skin circulation, which enhances general well-being.

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