Parissa Warm Wax Legs & Body (Microwavable)


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Parissa Brow Waxing Pen features our high performance wax in a mess-free, precision applicator. Twist and release the perfect amount of wax. Kit includes biodegradable epilation strips and Parissa Ultra Soothe Oil.

Parissa Brow Waxing Pen is a must-have for shaping perfect brows at home. Its slanted precision tip fits every angle. Simply twist the mess-free applicator to release a droplet of wax at a time.

This brow pen is lightweight and incredibly easy to use. Gently warm the applicator with a hair dryer or place it upright in a cup of hot water for 1 minute. Twist and glide over unwanted hair. Smooth on an epilation strip and zip off for instantly defined brows.

Warm Wax is especially effective on stubborn or coarse hair. Its non-toxic formula is vegan and fragrance-free. Our at-home waxing kit comes with a brow brush, comb hairs into place. For post-wax pampering, we’ve included our Parissa Ultra Soothe Oil a blend of natural botanicals to cleanse and calm skin.

What's included

  • Waxing pen filled with 4ml of wax

  • 20 mini epilation strips

  • 5ml Ultra Soothe Oil