Parissa Hot Wax Brazilian & Underarm (Microwavable)


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Parissa Brazilian & Underarm Hot or Hard Wax is a no-strip hair remover that gently lifts away short, coarse hair in the sensitive bikini and underarm area. Enjoy long-lasting smooth skin for weeks. Kit includes Parissa Ultra Soothe Oil.

Parissa Brazilian & Underarm Hot Wax Kit is perfect for delicate skin on the bikini line or body. Made with nourishing beeswax, this non-toxic hard wax formula gently targets unwanted hair at the root. Simply warm it in the microwave. For post-wax pampering, we’ve included our Parissa Ultra Soothe Oil, a blend of natural botanicals to help cleanse and calm skin.

Our Hot Wax is gentle and effective. As it warms, the wax transforms into a rich consistency that glides onto the skin and grabs short and coarse hair. Once firm, the wax becomes the strip. Gently and quickly peel off. Enjoy smooth results for weeks.

What's included

  • 150g (5oz) wax in a microwavable container

  • 5ml Ultra Soothe Oil

  • 3 spatulas