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The Eye Yoga Headset makes an excellent gift that's both useful and unique! 

The Eye Yoga Headset has 6 Key Vision Therapy Eye Exercises with electronic smart glass built in to reduce digital eyestrain.

Have you experienced blurred/double vision, tired/red eyes, headaches, light sensitivity or poor sleep?

Are you worried about your eyesight deteriorating?

If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, you could suffer from
digital eyestrain.

It only takes 5 minutes to use and had an in-built in digital countdown timer and your eyes will feel fresh & energised. 

Simply push the button & it’s like a 5 min meditation.

The Eye Yoga Headset is like going to the gym but for your eyes.

Please note: This is not a VR Goggle, there are no digital screens in this headset 

Additional Information:

  • World First (Patented) Eye Yoga Headset
  • 100% Natural (Free from harmful digital screens)
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to use compact device, anywhere and anytime
  • Rechargeable Battery (via included USB cable)
  • Electronic smart glass technology
  • LED count down timer/battery charge monitor
  • One size fits all (3 way adjustable head strap)
  • Ultra thick facial sponge (Velcro for easy cleaning)
  • Auto switch off
  • Great for the entire family from 7 years +
  • High quality German design
  • Weight - 0.4kg
  • Dimensions - 20cm x 10cm x 10cm

ORDER NOW and start to feel the benefits after your first use!

Disclaimer * Eye Yoga is an exercise device and not intended to treat existing medical conditions. Always seek advice from your optometrist for recommendation. Individual results may vary.