Dr. Hauschka Eye Revive 10x5ml


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Eye Revive compresses leave your eyes refreshed and sparkling, whether you work at a computer, suffer from pollen allergies, or are prone to puffiness around the eyes.

Eye Revive cares for all skin conditions. It is optimally formulated for the needs of the eye area. Offering refreshment to tired or red eyes, this soothing herbal solution reduces the appearance of puffiness in the skin around the eyes. Eye Revive comes in practical single doses, each ampoule containing enough for one treatment. The formulation combines various medicinal plant extracts to refresh and soothe tired and itchy eyes.

Formulation: Extracts of eyebright, anthyllis, chamomile and black tea give calming effects. While fennel extract soothes skin and visibly diminishes puffiness. Eye Revive helps relieve strained or tired eyes. The calming effect has also helped to address under eye bags and irritated eyes. 

Skin condition: For all skin types.


  • Suitable for people who wear glasses or contact lenses, who suffer from hay fever or work regularly at a computer screen.
  • Use Eye Revive when giving yourself a Dr. Hauschka mask treatment.
  • We highly recommend an Eye Revive treatment after air travel.