Dr. Hauschka Eye Balm 10ml


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Provides effective and intensive care for the skin around the eyes, protecting it against external influences. When warmed between your ring finger tips, the solid, fragrant balm turns silky smooth.

Eye Balm gently envelops the area around the eyes. Suitable for all skin conditions, it offers protective care with intense effects. The delicate area around the eyes is much thinner than other parts of the body because it does not have subcutaneous fatty tissue, which makes it particularly sensitive and prone to wrinkles. The beeswax contained in the formulation ensures precise application and prevents the balm from seeping into the eyes. As Eye Balm is so rich, it is to be used very sparingly. You can also apply Eye Balm to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes and to provide extra protection in cold weather. 

Formulation: Carrot, calendula and anthyllis soothe delicate skin while apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil and beeswax moisturise, soften and smooth dry skin and fine lines. 

Skin condition: For all skin conditions.

Tip: We do not recommend eye cream or balm use during the night time as it's likely to result in puffy morning eyes. In the evening use Eye Revive to soothe and refresh the eyes.