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For all skin conditions, including sensitive skin. Application is simple, intuitive, easy to use, easy to wash off.

  • respects the skin’s natural barrier 

  • gentle, effective and nourishing 

  • leaves skin clean, refresh, nourished and balanced, not dry 

  • innovative balm-to-milk texture, transforms with water 

  • vegan and gluten free

The main ingredient which acts as a cleansing substance is chalk, a component long-known precisely for its cleansing effect. It has a particularly large surface area which absorbs impurities and excess sebum, as well as a fine-grained structure ensuring it can be gently washed off.

“We have developed Cleansing Balm for customers who want a simple to use, light cleansing product. The texture differs from our classic Cleansing Cream, but without sacrificing the Dr. Hauschka cleansing principle,” says Annette Greco, Head of Development at Dr. Hauschka. “The balm-to-milk texture suits everyone. At the same time, we are contributing to environmental protection thanks to the fact that a little amount of product goes a long way”. This is because the low-water formula only transforms into a gently cleansing milk on moist skin. As the result, the amount of packaging needed can be reduced. 


  • chalk does an exceptional job of binding dirt particles and sebum, effectively cleanses, and it’s easy to wash off 

  • apricot kernel, sunflower and olive oils which maintain the natural barrier of skin while cleansing 

  • calendula extract which soothes and calms the skin 

  • birch extract brings in dynamic support for the cleansing quality 

  • anthyllis extract which guides all skin conditions to a state of balance and helps to protect the skin 

  • glycerine supports the emulsion and helps skin retain moisture 

  • vegan - only plant glycerine from organic linseed oil is used in Dr. Hauschka products