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Create Your Personal Beauty Statement with Benecos Beauty ID! 

Empty Palette Small: Crafted with sustainability in mind, our refillable, reusable cardboard palette offers space for 4-8 refill inserts. Complete with an integrated mirror, it's your perfect companion for on-the-go makeup customisation. Choose from 22 different Beauty ID refills to curate your personalised palette, whether it's eyeshadows or blushes. Available in small and large sizes, these palettes are vegan, plastic-free, and COSMOS Organic certified.

Empty Palette Large: Embrace your individuality with our large-sized refillable palette, accommodating 6-12 refill inserts. With an integrated mirror, it's designed for effortless makeup customisation. Select from our range of 22 refill options to curate your perfect palette. Available in small and large sizes, these palettes are vegan, plastic-free, and COSMOS Organic certified.

Eyeshadow Refills: Choose from 12 COSMOS Organic certified eyeshadow refills, available in shimmering and matte shades. These softly formulated eyeshadows offer superb colour payoff and easy blending, ensuring an irresistible look. Insert them directly into your Beauty ID palette for a customisable makeup experience.

  • matte plum - flattering in matte

  • bright woods - a slightly shimmering, light brown eyeshadow

  • dark mountains - a gently shimmering, dark brown eyeshadow

  • pearl onyx - a gently shimmering, anthracite/charcoal coloured eyeshadow - TIP: use pearl onyx with an angled brush for a long-lasting eye liner

  • matte desert - a powdery-matte, beige eyeshadow

  • lilac light - a gently shimmering rosewood tone

  • ballerina glam - a gently shimmering mother-of-pearl pink

  • prismatic pink - a shimmering, light pink eyeshadow with a minimal blue cast

  • rusty copper - a shimmering copper colour

  • very woody - a dark brown colour with a very subtle shimmer

  • whipped cream - a matte, vanilla coloured eyeshadow

  • muddy olive - a shimmering, deep olive-coloured eyeshadow

Highlighter Refills: Illuminate your complexion with our four-colour refill highlighter range. These silky formulations blend effortlessly, playing with light to give your skin a natural glow. Enriched with organic corn starch, castor oil, and magnolia bark extract, they offer both beauty and skincare benefits.

  • rose illuminance

  • dark illuminance 

  • shooting star

  • gold dust

Blush Refills: Add a rosy flush to your cheeks with our three-colour refill blush range. These light-textured blushes are easy to apply and blend evenly, providing a natural-looking flush. Formulated with a complex of corn starch and vegetable fatty acid esters, they ensure silky, soft skin.

  • tuscany please - is a soft, warm terracotta-coloured blush

  • magnolia please -  is a stronger pink-red

  • rose please - is a nude rosé

Contour Refill: Achieve a naturally sculpted face with our ash contour refill. Its ashy-brown colour offers a flawless contour, while its silky texture is easy to build and blend. Formulated with natural zeolite, corn starch, and plant-based fatty acid esters, it ensures smooth, soft skin.

Lip and Cheek Refill: Experience 2-in-1 convenience with our refill lip and cheek tints. Available in two colours, they provide fresh accents to your cheeks and lips, while nourishing your skin with castor oil. Perfect for on-the-go touch-ups, these vegan tints are a must-have addition to your Beauty ID palette.

  • aperitif kiss - is a matte raspberry red

  • velvet rose - is a warm rosewood tone