Dr. Hauschka Sage Mint Deodorant - Natural, Fresh Protection Roll-On


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Contains no aluminium salts and has a subtle, fresh fragrance that lasts throughout the day. Suppresses the formation of odours without clogging your pores or staining your clothes.

Whether we are physically or mentally active, perspiration is of vital importance. It not only regulates our body temperature but also removes impurities and forms the acid mantle as a barrier on the surface of the skin to protect against harmful germs. Our non-oily Sage Mint Deodorant contains sage and witch hazel essences, which are both naturally antimicrobial and astringent. The deodorising combination of an invigorating mint scent with a natural herbal bouquet of sage promises long-lasting freshness.
We intentionally avoid the use of pore constricting aluminium salts. Our low alcohol roll-on is very gentle on the skin and does not stain your clothing.

Tip: The fresh, herbal aroma is particularly well-matched with the warming yet refreshing Sage Purifying Bath Essence, invigorating Lemon Lemongrass Vitalising Body Wash and Quince Hydrating Body Milk.