Natural makeup: What it is and what are the benefits?

Natural MumOct 23, '23

With consumers becoming more and more aware of their impact on the environment through consumption and increasing awareness of chemicals on their health, consumers are empowering themselves by  choosing products with natural ingredients and purchasing from companies who have an eco-friendly approach.

By taking part as a consumer in the natural makeup movement, consumers are byway of conscious choice demanding better environmental and health practices.

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When it comes to natural makeup, let's explore some central questions such as -

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What is Natural Makeup?

Natural Makeup can refer to a makeup style that aims to enhance ones features. Typically it means minimal coverage, neutral colours and a skin like finish. The aim of a Natural Makeup looks is to accentuate your unique feature, your natural beauty without appearing overly made up or artificial. 

When it comes to labelling products with "Natural Makeup" for legal or regulatory purposes, it will mean following a set of criteria to ensure compliance. The criteria can vary by region but some common factors that may be considered include:

Ingredient sourcing, chemical restrictions (avoiding certain synthetics ingredients like parabens, sulfates and synthetic fragrances, certifications and eco-friendly packaging. 

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Why choose Natural Makeup?

We are always looking for cosmetics that can meet our appearance needs but sometimes we end up forgetting some important precautions. For example, have you ever stopped to think about the amount of substances that our skin absorbs over time?

In other words, if the product you are using daily contains chemicals that are harmful to your health, over time, these toxins will accumulate in your body, which can cause various health problems.

Everything will depend on the composition, which elements are present in the formula and in what quantity, frequency of use etc.

Even so, cosmetics with harmful components in the formula can lead to hypersensitivity, hormonal changes, anaphylactic process, increased chances of cancer and intoxication.

By opting for natural makeup products and more basic makeup on a daily basis, it is possible to have a healthier relationship with cosmetics.

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Features of Natural Makeup

Natural makeup has several positive characteristics that make it beneficial for health and the environment, such as:

  • it is free of heavy materials and pesticides;
  • it is biocompatible with our skin, that is, it frees us from allergic reactions and any skin type can use it;
  • the brand does not carry out any type of exploitation, whether with animals, humans or the environment;
  • it is sustainable;
  • It is biodegradable, recyclable and/or reusable.

If you want to add your natural products to your routine, here are some tips below -

  • Find a natural foundation with a light texture: the light formulas, with a translucent finish, guarantee a more natural makeup look.
  • Balanced lighting: lighting helps to finish the skin with a glow, so that there is a healthier appearance, but without excess; Use subtle highlighters.
  • Colours close to the skin tone: blush, eye shadow, lipstick... the idea is that they are close in tone to the skin, but with an effect that highlights the natural skin without striking contrasts.
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Our tip is that you use more natural and clean products in your makeup routine.

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How to do Natural Makeup

To create natural makeup that can be used on any occasion, the first step is to use clean and natural products.

Cleansing and Hydration

Every make-up must start with cleansing, hydration and, if it's daytime, sun protection!

Remember that care in your skincare routine directly influences not only skin health, but also beauty.

Tip: Read my blog on 7 Skin Preparation Tips for Perfect Long-lasting makeup


Light foundation and right colour

For a natural makeup look, tone is key. Look for products that do not alter your natural colour but rather are close to and enhance it. Try a foundation with a lighter, more translucent texture and colour.

Blush with little shine

Blush helps to give vivacity and a healthier appearance to the face, but to create a natural makeup look opt for a more matte finish with little shine.

Light and subtle shadow

For the eyes, our tip is a light, subtle and harmonious shade of eyeshadow, which can be in pencil version, ensuring easy application and a natural finish.

Mascara with little product

With natural makeup, avoid overdoing any area of the face.

In the case of mascara, avoid versions that are too heavy on the eyes, opting for transparent versions or versions that add volume to the lashes with little product residue.

Lipstick in a similar tone to your lips

To finish off any makeup look, lipstick is the highlight and the tip here is to harmonise it with your skin tone and the products used. Moisturising versions are recommended and with a more opaque finish.

Want to know more about natural makeup? Discover the Natural Mum makeup products!

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