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Traditional eye exercises such as vision therapy can help to ensure that the two eyes function properly together. There are some widespread signs that eye strengthening exercises might be beneficial. These include blinking, closing one eye, eyestrain, blurry vision, double vision, red eyes, and headaches while reading, as well as skipping lines or words.

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Eye turn (strabismus), lazy eye (amblyopia), eye tracking (saccadic dysfunction) and eye teaming (convergence insufficiency) issues can all be treated with vision therapy. Exercises for the lazy eye have been demonstrated to be highly effective in treating this issue especially when it is discovered early.

Here are a few simple eye exercises that may help you improve digital eye strain symptoms.

How to exercise your eyes

A yoga eye technique called palming suggests relaxing the muscles surrounding the eyes to lessen eye tiredness.

Start by rubbing your hands together to warm them up before palming. Put the palm of each hand over the appropriate cheekbone while closing your eyes. For five minutes, place a palm over each eye and breathe deeply.

Our blink rate slows down when we use digital devices for extended periods. The eyes may become dry as a result, feeling sand-like, gritty, and worn out.

Consciously blinking for a few seconds can revive the tear film. The oil glands in the eyelids are stimulated by blinking, increasing their lubricating secretions. Spreading the tears across the eyes also helps.

You can practise blinking by closing your eyes, waiting for two seconds and then opening them once more. The oil glands can be further stimulated by intentionally tightening the eyelids when the eyes are closed.

Pencil Push-Ups
To teach the eyes to converge or move in towards one another when looking at a close object, pencil push-ups are frequently used.

Hold a pencil at arm's length and put on your best near vision correction to perform a pencil push-up. Pay attention to the eraser's tip. Get the letter in focus so it is readable if it is on the eraser. Move the pencil slowly in the direction of your nose while focusing solely on the eraser or letter. Once it doubles, remove it once more from your eyes. Repeat a number of times.

Near and Far Focus
Your focusing system will learn to activate and relax properly by switching between near and far attention.

Focus on your thumb for 15 seconds while holding it 30cm from your face. To properly activate your concentrating system, you can also hold a nearby object with a letter on it in your hand. Keep your concentration for another 15 seconds before shifting your attention to a target 6 metres away. To your thumb, go back. Repeat a number of times.

Figure Eight
It can be difficult for some people to track an item with their eyes. One can practise doing figure eights to improve on this.

Choose a spot on the ground that is 10 feet distant from you. Draw an imaginary figure eight using your eyes. 30 seconds later, change your direction.

20-20-20 Rule
Our focusing system may deteriorate when we use our eyes for close tasks. Also possible is eye dryness. Setting up scheduled breaks helps ease some of this stress.

Keeping in mind the 20-20-20 rule is simple. Look at a target that is 20 feet away for 20 seconds after every 20 minutes of close work. You can now go back to what you were doing earlier.

Block String
Frederick Brock, a pioneer in visual rehabilitation from Switzerland, created the Brock String. It can be utilised for a range of visual system training exercises.

Tie a loop at either end of the string to assemble the Brock String. To a doorknob, fasten one loop. Set the three beads in place. You should do this by positioning the distance bead closest to the doorknob. You should be 2 to 5 feet away from the central bead. Your nose should be six inches away from the near bead. Hold the string taut just in front of your nose.

To educate the eyes in tracking, alignment, and concentration, a series of exercises can be done with the Brock String.

Barrel Card
The barrel card teaches the eyes to converge or turn in together to examine a close object.

Start by positioning the barrel card such that the largest circles are farthest from your nose and the circles are horizontally aligned. Shut both eyes. Circles will seem red to one eye and green to the other. To confirm that there is no tilt and that each eye sees the same amount of the card, make any required adjustments.

Now fix your gaze on the circles that are farthest from you. A single red-green circle should result from the two photos crossing each other. Turn your attention to the middle circle after 5 seconds.

Turn your attention to the circle that is the smallest and nearest. It's crucial to understand that the circles you aren't paying attention to will appear double; this is typical. Relax your eyes after completing one cycle. Work your way up to doing 10 cycles while maintaining a 10-second hold on each of the three circles.

Other Tips To Increase Eyesight

Natural Mum would like to introduce you to a simple device called the Eye Yoga Headset, an all-in-one eye exercise headset.

The Eye Yoga Headset is designed to help minimise the symptoms of Digital Eyestrain, ultimately making your eyes feel more comfortable and helping them to cope with the demanding hours of screen time. Through regular use, your eye muscles get the movement they need to increase blood flow and maintain flexibility.

Developed in Australia and endorsed by professors, doctors and optometrists worldwide, Eye Yoga is a 5-minute eye exercise device that leads you through a series of eye exercises. The exercises have been developed by highly trained vision therapists and the Eye Yoga Headset incorporates them into one easy-to-use headset!

All you need to do is turn it on, put it on and relax!

The Eye Yoga Headset features six simple, easy and natural exercises that prompt you to focus your eyes on specific areas within and includes a unique patented design that uses smart glass to turn from opaque to fully transparent to accommodate the near and far-sighted exercise.

5 minutes a day using the Eye Yoga device can provide immediate relief and is safe to use up to 5 times a day depending on the level of eyestrain you have and how quickly you want the symptoms gone. Your eyes will appear fresher, younger and more awake.

The EYE YOGA HEADSET immediately provides an “active recovery” response, targeting the direct source of the discomfort – the intra & outer MUSCLES.

This offers instant relief by encouraging them to stretch and relax, out of the contracted hold state hence increasing blood flow & nutrients to these areas and thereby improving the users physical and mental focus, the eye area feels rejuvenated and refreshed.

  • Eye Yoga has 6 Key Vision Therapy Exercises with electronic smart glass built in to reduce eyestrain
  • Only takes 5 minutes to use with a built in digital countdown
  • No thinking required
  • Just push the button & it’s like a 5 min meditation
  • It’s like going to the gym for your eyes

Celebrate taking back control of your health

After 5-7 days of regular use, you’ll wonder how you ever did without your Eye Yoga Device. Making it a regular part of you and your family’s eye care routine means everyone gets to enjoy their screen time without the worry.

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