How Important Is A Face Toner? Reasons to Use It.

Natural MumApr 28, '23

How Important Is A Face Toner? Reasons to Use It.

For many of us, utilising facial toners has been difficult. The usefulness and significance of these products in one's skincare routine continue to divide the beauty community; although some consider them unnecessary, fervent supporters vouch for their benefits in regulating pH.

Three experts weigh in on whether or not you actually need to include a toner in your skincare regimen in an effort to end the controversy once and for all.
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Let's start by asking what a toner actually does for our skin?
Initially, toners were applied to the skin after cleansing to balance its pH.

Depending on the compounds they contain, the skincare expert continues, they can assist by removing the extra residue from cleansing, gently exfoliate and help with skin barrier repair, or act as an anti-inflammatory. For instance, lactic acid toners can help exfoliate your skin gently, while rosewater or anthyllis toners may help soothe irritation. 

The trick here is to find a toner that works best for your skin type and to be aware of which elements to look for and which to avoid.

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What components in a facial toner should you search for?

For dry, normal and sensitive skin:
You need a toner with balancing components, such as Anthyllis and Witch Hazel. Anythllis extract helps skin remain balanced and healthy while Witch hazel extract supports the tone and elasticity of the skin, refining the pores.

For oily or acne-prone skin:
'Oil-free' or 'non-comedogenic' alternatives should be sought out. Ingredients like Lactic acid and Anthyllis are the main compounds to look for. By soaking up more oil and eliminating dead skin cells, these substances aid in exfoliating the skin. They can also aid in reducing breakouts and the visibility of pores.

In general, test a skincare product on a small area of skin on your arm before using it all over your face to see how it affects your skin.

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