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Natural MumFeb 2, '23
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Want some quick but effective tips when it comes to cleaning the natural way? Keep reading 😊

1. Know what you are dealing with: Is the surface dusty? Is it oily? Or perhaps it's a hard stain like a calcium deposit?

2. Once you've identified what you're dealing with then work out the best tools to use. A microfiber cloth? A duster? A sponge or perhaps a scourer? 

3. I have some examples of what products you can use in the blog below. Rest assured, what ever you choose, all products are non toxic, safe for you, the family and the earth. 

Scented with natural and organic essential oils, cleaning will also make your home smell beautiful! 

Sodasan Dishwashing Liquid Lime & Lemon - Best for when you want to break down any oil or grease. Sodasan Dishwashing Liquid can be used to wash dishes but also can be used to clean the kitchen sink, bathroom basin, stove tops or even to clean a mirror. Oil/grease does not only come from food and cooking oil. Soaps, shampoos, body creams etc also contain oily ingredients which can end up sticking to the bathroom basin, shower or sink. 

Sonett Orange Power Cleaner - Need to remove stubborn oil/grease based stains? Butter, cooking oils, bacon fat, greasy lotions and creams sometimes need more than a dish washing liquid. Try the Orange Power Cleaner for those stubborn oil and grease stains. Highly concentrated and can be used in the kitchen, bathroom or work shop on exhaust hoods, stove tops, sinks, oily pots and pans etc. 

Koala Eco Multi-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner Lemon Myrtle and Mandarin - Also great at breaking down grease the Koala Eco Multi-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner can be used to wipe down fridges, table tops, dishwashers, microwaves or even cupboards. Koala Eco Multi-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner removes bacteria and deodorises without the need for chemicals! (Vinegar is such an excellent natural cleaner!). 

Sonett Bathroom Cleaner - Citric acid helps break down hard stains like calcium deposits, water spots and soap residue. Bring back shine to your taps, bathroom basins, kitchen sinks, bathtubs, shower stalls and tiles! Tip - You can use Dishwashing Liquid first to break down grease then the Bathroom Cleaner to break down any hard stains! 

Sodasan Oxygen Bleach - #1 Selling Laundry product at Natural Mum, the Sodasan Oxygen Bleach is perfect for washing Laundry . Sodasan Oxygen Bleach removes Stubborn Stains and also will whiten white clothing. Sodasan Oxygen Bleach is versatile enough to also be used on colourfast coloured clothing. Wash between 40 to 95 degrees for best results. 

Happy Eco-Cleaning! 👪 👶 🌱

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