Behind the Bottle: The Heartwarming Story of Dr. Hauschka's Natural Skincare Family Business in Australia

Natural MumMar 19, '24
Dr. Hauschka Australia - Natural Skincare


For more than 50 years Dr. Hauschka natural skincare has been one of Australia's leading natural and organic skincare brands. Dr. Hauschka takes immense pride in our legacy of providing natural skincare solutions to our valued customers. Dr. Hauschka's Australia journey is not just about skincare; it's a tale of family, dedication, and a commitment to holistic well-being. 

The Origins of Dr. Hauschka in Australia 

Dr. Hauschka's story began over half a century ago when Dr. Rudolf Hauschka, a renowned chemist and pharmacist, joined forces with esthetician Elisabeth Sigmund to create a line of natural skincare products. Dr. Hauschka made its way to Australia very early on which made Australia one of the first countries outside Germany to offer Dr. Hauschka natural skincare products to the Australian market. 

Their vision of Dr. Hausckka in Australia was simple yet revolutionary: to offer the healing powers of nature to nurture the skin and promote overall health.

Dr. Haushcka Rose Day Cream

A Holistic Approach to Skincare

At Dr. Hauschka, we believe in the inherent wisdom of nature and its ability to restore balance and vitality to the skin. Our formulations are meticulously crafted using organic and biodynamic ingredients, sourced sustainably to ensure the highest quality and efficacy. From nurturing plant extracts to nourishing oils and waxes, each ingredient is chosen for its unique therapeutic properties.

Dr. Hauschka Australia Connection

In Australia, Dr. Hauschka's philosophy resonates deeply with individuals seeking natural alternatives for their skincare needs. Our partnership with Helios Health & Beauty has been instrumental in bringing our products to discerning Australian consumers. As exclusive distributors, Helios Health & Beauty shares our commitment to excellence and our passion for holistic wellness.

Dr. Haushcka Rose Day Cream

Dr. Hauschka Australia A Family Affair

Helios Health & Beauty is more than just a distributor; it's a family-owned business with a rich heritage spanning generations. Founded by Lars and Fay Brander in 1999, Helios Health & Beauty has established itself as a trusted name in the Australian natural and organic industry. Their dedication to quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction mirrors our own values at Dr. Hauschka.

The Role of Elisia Florio, Lars and Fay Brander’s Daughter 

An integral part of Dr. Hauschka's journey in Australia is the unwavering dedication of Elisia Florio, who served as the Brand Manager for 17 years. Elisia joined the family business at just 19 years of age and together with her family and dedicated team they grew the business to what it is today. 

Elisia's passion for natural skincare and her commitment to promoting Dr. Hauschka's ethos have played a significant role in shaping the brand's presence in the Australian market. Her expertise and leadership have been invaluable in fostering relationships and overall growth of Dr. Hauschka in Australia. 

Dr. Haushcka Rose Day Cream


In closing, the story of Dr. Hauschka's Australia natural skincare family business is one of passion, integrity, and a shared commitment to holistic well-being. Through our partnership with Helios Health & Beauty, and the dedicated leadership of individuals like Elisia Florio, we continue to uphold our legacy of excellence while embracing the future with optimism and innovation.

Why Choose Natural Mum?

Elisia Florio is the proud creator of Natural Mum, which launched in December 2020. Natural Mum was created to help mums to nourish and take care of themselves, their family and home with beautiful natural and organic products and rituals. With more than 25 years of experience in the natural and organic industry Elisia’s knowledge is now here to help mums live a more natural and holistic life for themselves and their family. You can read more about Elisia’s journey here. 

Welcome to Natural Mum where you're invited to take care of yourself and your family with products that nurture your soul and the earth.

Dr. Haushcka Rose Day Cream

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