5 Natural Remedies to Get Relief from Joint Pain and Inflammation

Natural MumMar 8, '23
Natural Mum Australia
A tight neck, back pain, sore knees are just some of the pains and aches our bodies can feel that stop you from doing activities that you love. 
If you haven't tried them already, here are some Natural Tips which can help you stay active:

1. Exercise Regularly - Regular exercise can help to strengthen the muscles around the affected area and reduce inflammation.
2. Eat an Anti-Inflammatory Diet - Eating foods high in anti-inflammatory nutrients can help to reduce joint pain and swelling. Foods that are high in anti-inflammatory nutrients include fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fatty fish.
3. Get Enough Sleep - Lack of adequate sleep can worsen joint pain and inflammation. Aim for 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night.
Try Rochway's Beauty Sleep 240ml if you need help falling asleep, don't get enough sleep or if you don't get "deep sleep". 
4. Use Topical Supportive products such as, playon SPORT AID 100ml it can help soothe and relax tired and aching muscles. Very easy to use, you simply spray and leave it on. Fun fact: This product is made by my husband and uses a 40 year old family recipe created by his late grandmother. This has a lovely aroma of Cinnamon and Clove too!
5. Try Supplements - Certain supplements, like Tumeric and Magnesium can help to reduce joint pain, inflammation and muscle stiffness. Try: Rochway's I am Mobility 300ml to support mobility as well balance your gut flora and target inflammation.
Disclaimer: These tips are in no way medical advice. Please seek professional advice if you have any health concerns.
Stay Active! 🚲🎾⚽🎳

5 Natural Tips for Joint Pain and Inflammation | Natural Mum

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