Unveiling Dr. Hauschka's Organic Skincare Tradition in Australia


Unlock the timeless beauty secrets of Dr. Hauschka's organic skincare tradition that has thrived in Australia for over 50 years. Immerse yourself in the harmonious fusion of science and nature, as Dr. Hauschka's holistic approach to skincare pampers your skin while honouring the planet.

The Legacy of Dr. Hauschka

Established by visionary Dr. Rudolf Hauschka in 1967, the legacy of Dr. Hauschka transcends generations, embodying a commitment to purity, sustainability, and efficacy. Rooted in a profound understanding of the skin's natural rhythms, Dr. Hauschka's formulations nurture your skin with the finest organic and biodynamic ingredients, promoting radiant health and timeless beauty.

Dr. Haushcka Rose Day Cream

Organic Skincare Pioneers in Australia

In the sun-kissed land of Australia, Dr. Hauschka's legacy shines brightly, captivating skincare enthusiasts and eco-conscious consumers alike. With an extensive range of certified organic and biodynamic products, Dr. Hauschka offers a sanctuary for those seeking pure, potent, and ethically sourced skincare solutions amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Australian landscape.

The Essence of Organic Ingredients

At the core of Dr. Hauschka's formulations lie the purest botanical extracts, meticulously sourced from biodynamic gardens and sustainable suppliers across Australia and beyond. From the nourishing embrace of Australian Kakadu plum to the soothing properties of eucalyptus, each ingredient is chosen for its efficacy and purity, ensuring a luxurious sensory experience with every application.

Dr. Haushcka Rose Day Cream

Holistic Approach to Skincare

Embracing the holistic principles of Anthroposophy, Dr. Hauschka invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and renewal. Beyond surface-level treatments, Dr. Hauschka's skincare rituals nurture body, mind, and spirit, fostering a deep sense of connection and well-being. With each ritual, you honour your skin's natural wisdom and embrace the beauty of holistic living.

Sustainable Beauty for Future Generations

As guardians of the Earth, Dr. Hauschka is dedicated to sustainability and ethical stewardship in every aspect of production. From eco-conscious packaging to fair trade partnerships with Indigenous communities, Dr. Hauschka strives to minimize its ecological footprint while maximising positive social impact. By choosing Dr. Hauschka, you not only invest in your skin's health but also contribute to the preservation of Australia's unique ecosystems for generations to come.

Dr. Haushcka Rose Day Cream

Experience the Dr. Hauschka Difference

Step into a world of botanical luxury with Dr. Hauschka and experience the transformative power of nature's bounty. From the purifying cleanse of the Dr. Hauschka Soothing Cleansing Milk to the nourishing embrace of the Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream, each product is meticulously crafted to elevate your skincare routine to a ritual of indulgence and self-care.


Join us in celebrating over 50 years of Dr. Hauschka's organic skincare tradition in Australia and unlock the secrets to radiant, glowing skin that reflects the beauty of the Australian landscape. Embrace the harmony of science and nature, indulge in holistic self-care, and experience the transformative magic of Dr. Hauschka's skincare rituals.

Dr. Haushcka Rose Day Cream