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Natural MumSep 30, '22
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Lately I have been struggling with getting a good nights sleep. You know one of those ones where you feel refreshed and rejuvenated the next day? That's the kind of sleep I crave.

I know that when I get a good nights sleep the rest of my day flows better. Making sure that I am rested and relaxed is part of my self care.

So, whenever I start to feel tired, reactive or just easily irritated here is what I do:

1. Limit Caffeine - I usually have one coffee and one tea (sometimes a little more) but if I'm not sleeping well I'll take it down to one coffee in the morning and definitely no caffeine after 2pm.

2. Create a List - As a mum and business owner my mind is constantly thinking of what needs to be done. I find that if I physically write down what I need to do the next day it helps plan my day, organise my mind AND I can get a better nights sleep because I worry less.

3. Journal - Now journal-ling is not something that I do often, as life can get busy, but if I find that there is something weighing heavily on my mind I find writing my feelings out can be very therapeutic.

4. Read a Book - Reading a book helps me fall asleep quite quickly and it also doesn't emit any blue light which helps with the body's circadian rhythm (the natural internal process that regulates the sleeping and waking cycle).

5. Take a Supplement - Lastly, I take Rochway Beauty Sleep. This has a gorgeous formula. Not only does it help to calm me because of its natural ingredients like Valerian, Hops and Sour Cherry but it also has Marine Collagen which is great for plumping the skin! Triple bonus!

Those are my tips for getting deep quality sleep. My approach has always been of a natural one so I hope you found it useful and can incorporate some of these tips for your self care too!


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