Weleda Aroma Shower Gel Energy 200ml


Stimulating Shower Gel
Feel uplifted, alert and alive. Energising fragrance scientifically proven

Boost yourself with energy. Start your day with this joyful, energising scent that helps you feel uplifted, alert and alive. 100% natural fragrance of ginger, citronella and cedarwood . Biodegradable formula.

Feel good and inspire your day with the energising, 100% natural fragrance of ginger, citronella and cedarwood. Close your eyes and breathe deeply while our quick-rinsing, biodegradable formula of 100% natural origin preserves your skin’s natural moisture. Gently cleanses with mild, plant-based surfactants. It’s perfect to support your natural well-being and vitality. Feel energised as the 100% natural fragrance gets to work, taking you to a happy place. Skin tolerance dermatologically proven. 

Exclusive fragrance with 100% natural essential oils

Give your energy a boost and feel alert and alive

The lively, zingy scent of ginger, blended with refreshing citronella and warm woody cedar, gives you a perfect start to the day. It’s a spicy combination that inspires your senses, leaving you energised and uplifted.


Energising fragrance scientifically proven

  • Feel boosted with energy
  • Preserves the skin's natural moisture
  • Gently cleanses the skin with plant-based surfactants
  • Skin tolerance dermatologically tested