Rochway Bio-Fermented Olive Leaf Concentrate Berry Flavour 500ml


Our most-loved immune product in a natural berry flavour, made with fresh olive leaves bio-fermented with broad spectrum probiotics

  • Olive Leaf Extract boosts immunity and relieve symptoms of colds and flus
  • Probiotics beautify the gut to support brain, heart and immune system health

Bio-Fermented Olive Leaf provides a double-action approach to immune system health, combining six raw probiotic strains with immune-boosting olive leaf.

An extraordinary number of immune cells are found in our gut – in fact, it’s where almost 70% of our immune system is found. It's because of this that the gut plays a key role in the functioning of the immune system and the complex system of immune regulation. Olive leaves contain Oleuropein, a powerful antioxidant that supports immune health, which is made more bio-available from our BioRestore™ fermentation process.

Each Rochway Bio-Fermented Liquid is fermented using our unique BioRestore™ process. Papaya undergoes five stages of bio-fermentation using broad-spectrum probiotics, resulting in a more bio-available and bio-active complex to help beautify the gut and support whole body wellbeing.