Dr. Hauschka Bergamot Lemongrass Vitalising Body Milk 145ml


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  • for normal to dry skin 
  • a refreshing lotion with a beautiful aroma 
  • enriched with neroli and rosemary verbenon 
  • for everybody

Natural and organic body moisturiser with a vibrant aroma, awakening your senses and caring for your skin

  • A light and refreshing body moisturiser, which provides long-lasting care, absorbs rapidly, with a vibrant, citrus scent. Contains bergamot, lemongrass and sage which have a vitalising effect, while natural essential oils of bergamot and neroli invigorate the body and mind. 
  • The formulation fortifies the skin with blackthorn, field horsetail and quince. 
  • Jojoba and olive oil help lock in moisture and leave skin feeling silky smooth. 
  • Like all Dr. Hauschka lotions, Bergamot Lemongrass Vitalising Body Milk has a multi-layered formulation. We do not have one base formula that we use for several products.
  • Vegan and gluten free

In addition to the essential oils used for composing the fragrance, this body lotion contains myriad other oils and essences, which work in harmony with each other to deliver their nourishing effect.

Trusted medicinal plant extracts

Dr. Hauschka skin care products draw on the healing power of nature. Every single medicinal plant has specific properties that enrich the overall composition. Lemongrass delivers its toning effect thanks to the light texture of the fast-absorbing body moisturiser. The blend of blackthorn, quince and field horsetail strengthens and maintains the natural balance of the skin.

Extract from the medicinal plant glossary 

  • The effect of blackthorn is described as astringent and can be calming. 
  • Quince-seed extract is generally known for its particularly good skin compatibility and soothing properties, indicating that it regulates the natural moisture content of the skin. Its high mucilage content makes it suitable for use when combining essential oils and fats with water, for example. 
  • Products with horsetail leave the skin feeling firm and fortified owing to their high content of water-soluble silica.

Fun fact:

Bergamot is a type of orange, the fruit of the Citrus bergamia plant. It’s primarily grown in Calabria, Italy and around the Mediterranean. The fruit looks more like a lemon or lime than an orange and has a very distinct scent and flavour. Bergamot essential oil is used to flavour Earl Grey tea. 

The Green Gold of Calabria

The citrus plant that gives its name to the new Dr. Hauschka Body Milk comes from Calabria, in southern Italy, where the organic essential oil is extracted from the peel of the bergamot orange.

For this light body lotion, Dr. Hauschka in-house perfumer Jörg Zimmermann has created a new fragrance that whisks you away on a sensory journey to southern Italy:

“If we imagine a refreshing new product in which citrus is to play an essential role, ideas of water and air, of cooling elements, come to mind straight away. I harness the sunlight, explore the delicate blossoms and leaves of the young citrus trees and transform the freshness of aqua and citrus into a cool, airy note. Aromatics such as chamomile and rosemary add a breath of air. This perks up bergamot’s aqueous scent and, together with the neroli flowers, lends it a cologne-like character full of light.”